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Yanick    0

Dear reader,

For some reason I have a "Creepy Cauldron" sitting in my steam inventory of the game eventhough I haven't touched the game in a few months.
Since this is the trading forum I expect anyone here to know more about how I could've obtained the item>

So if anyone knows how I could have obtained it/ where one could get it, that would be nice :)




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myxal    339

AIUI, Costume Collection items are normally available during the Halloween event (not quite sure they're unavailable outside the event, or just have very low chance given the total number or items).

Could be either from a drop (very lucky indeed), or from a Trade Inn exchange.

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Viktor234    4190

Considering the fact that you have the 'Rusted Scythe'-Skin in your inventory, you did open Don't Starve Together at least once during Hallowed Nights, giving you the Loyal 'Rusted Scythe'-Skin and as a daily skin: the 'Pleated Shirt (Higgsbury Red)'.
As soon as you obtained these skins, the Server did randomly choose another skin for you which would drop as the next daily or weekly gift, and it managed to roll the 'Creepy Cauldron'. But since you didn't start DST since then, the server hadn't got a chance to hand you over the gift you were about to obtain.
So with your next login, you obtained the 'Creepy Cauldron' as a daily gift and thus have it in your inventory.

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