Klei making bad changes to bosses

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Mike23Ua    5858

I don’t understand what I’ve read- but I can speak with absolute confidence in saying that any challenge in this game can be solved if you bring enough gunpowder charges, that’s it you don’t NEED anything else (maybe a panflute) other than that Michael Bay EXPLOSIONS will solve literally every problem you can have.

I don’t really understand everyone’s major obsession over bosses or the loot the bosses drop that grant them items that better help them to stay alive.

I HATED Call of Duty- it was a game franchise that made absolutely no sense at all to me, you kill enough people your rewarded with a thing “Killstreak” that helps you to kill more people? Uhhhh okay then.

I don’t play DST to go slap around Dragonfly for its loot, I’ve NEVER killed the Dragonfly, and more importantly it doesn’t appear that NOT having her loot drops hinders my game experience in any way.

I would completely understand your frustration with bosses if whatever they dropped was VITAL to your success, like for example if a harsh extreme blizzard demanded the use of the vest made from Bearger.

but in its current form- DST is NOT like that, I do not actually NEED a Malbatross sail, or a Bee Queen crown, or a scaled Furnace, or Beargers vest- Hell honestly? You don’t even NEED Deerclops drops for the Eyebrella.


But Disclaimer: I play some pretty brutally hardcore survival simulators, and any item that you can obtain from a boss fight that makes that survival significantly easier is something I tend to want to avoid.

I actually LIKE Having the Antlion craters smashing up my world, and until someone explained that I can get rid of them by fighting some boss.... I just naturally assumed those craters were a SURVIVAL feature tied to the Summer weather season where the ground was getting so hot beneath you that it was literally collapsing down in on itself.

*shrugs* You can’t expect everyone to want to play an open world sandbox game identical to the way that you play it.. but even if I don’t understand the fascination with Bosses & loot drops from bosses that make staying alive easier (but you can still live just fine without) Doesn’t mean that I’m going to complain about it.

At the MOST, I wish Klei would put more focus into making the four game seasons themselves more challenging, maybe even add in a few additional weather seasons.

The TL:DR- Less Call of Duty Killstreak Rewards that makes doing something else easier, and more Wilderness Survival challenges to overcome.

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bagherthegamer    609
4 hours ago, chenais said:

Finally, we have the Bee Queen honey change. She used to spawn no honey on the ground and she could be kited. Now she does and you are forced to tank her. no more kiting, just brain dead tanking. Like how is it a good choice to remove the option to kite? Removing the option to use skill is good apparently? If you look at other bosses from well designed games, you can always dodge their attacks, depending on your skill level.

Bee queen is a skill fight. You need to take care of her bees if you want to deal damage to her and guess what you can kite them. And the fact that you cant kite her makes it so that you change youre way of fighting if you want to win. 

As for the Dragonfly i have never seen such thing before. 

Crabking is not Finished yet in terms of loot so dont fight it. 

Goodbye then. 

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