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Found a Few Bug & Glitch

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First of all, I don't know what caused my game to do this. 
This is a fresh game that I bought from Steam I only downloaded several Mods to make the game more "fun".

1st Problem:
Every time Wilson picks up an item he talks randomly like ALL the time & frankly it's annoying.
2nd Problem:
Whenever he picks up an item & it goes to the first slot (say like food for example) he eats it right away without me clicking on it.
3rd Problem:
Same thing w/ the Tools if it's in the very first slot he randomly switches back to the one I put in slot 1 on the very far left side. 

P.S: If I have to show you guys in a video from YouTube I will. I just don't know what or how I caused these problems. 
Any help is appreciated! 

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