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Ancient Herald spawning behavior


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What I encounter: The Ancient Herald spawning component seems to not take into already existing copies of the entity, and spawns them without restriction.

What I would expect: The Ancient Herald is a single entity, hence of which there can only exist one. The Ancient Herald should only spawn if it hasn't already. Likely, you'd want the Ancient Herald to stalk the player. In my ideal I would have it that the Ancient Herald can only spawn again if there are no Ancient Herald within range of the player. If that is the case, the previous Ancient Herald outside the loaded range will despawn, and a new one will emerge from the ground near the player. With the idea that it is the same Ancient Herald, the same being. By respawning it might have it's health restored that way, and that is acceptabel.

Should the Ancient Herald be slain, I would recommend a 3 days downtime until it may spawn again.

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