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Abigail attack without you telling her to rile up.

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Hey sorry if not good at English but I've noticed that abigail attacks bosses without you telling her to fight, moleworms and rabbits as well in the caves and during the night outside. It happened to me. So I was about to go back to my base but I need to use the wormhole because it was far away. But on the next side there's a bearger sleeping next to it. After I went to the other place Abigail attacked bearger and I died because he was yawning and he caught me. Next is when I'm about to craft a moggles. I was about to use my hammer but she killed it and it's really annoying so I just sent her back. Next is a rabbit inside the cave I was about to use the trap to that rabbit but then again she killed it. May I ask if this normal after the update?

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