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TheOwl    113
6 hours ago, Kevin said:

Make the rook day 3 lt that you fight hate you if you let them live

Oh, that's a shame. I really like changing sides often in his campaign, so I think it'd be fun if maybe they hated you after the fight but loved you if you end the campaign supporting their side (not necessarily during the campaign, but they should show in the loved people list on the end game screen in that case).

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pacovf    888

Some cards can’t be played if you don’t have whatever resource they spend (e.g Hurricane) or if there is no valid target. However, sometimes you would like to play them, even if they have no effect, just to get the xp.

Would it be possible to change the behaviour so that you can still play them, but have to click a confirmation box to do so (or required a specific key press to force play them, or whatever)? Am I the only one that would want something like this? I find many of them very hard to upgrade at the moment.

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