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Species in Griftlands. Asking for help BTW.

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Day 1 here for me. Here is some spicy datamined piece that you might know:



HUMAN = "human",

KRADESHI = "kra'deshi",

SHROKE = "shroke",

JARACKLE = "jarackle",

BEAST = "beast",

MECH = "mech",

PHICKET = "phicket",

SNAIL = "oshnu",



I'm trying to translate Griftland into Chinese for my friends, but I had some problems by far.

1. Kind of bug report: notosans_cn_sdf don't support Japanes 平仮名 and 片仮名, but notosans_jp_sdf do support Chinese characters.

2. Any tool for managing translation easily?

3. For every pair of key-value in localization file like below, is msgid the newest value in English? Should I translate based on this?

msgid "Normal"
msgstr "ノーマル"


Wish all guys a grift day!

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3 hours ago, RageLeague said:

You can look up .po editing tools. They supposedly allows easier editing of .po files.(POEditor is the first that shows up when you search on google)

From what I read, you can edit an old version of the po file and have the localization still work, even if things changed later down the line. That applies to only C version of the localizer, and I don't really know how the lua version implemented it. If you want the newest version of the .pot file, you want to enable debug mode(see and press F10 to generate a po template.

msgid is the text that you want to translate, and msgstr is the translated text. msgctxt shows the context of the text that will be translated.

For the races:

Humans are humans,

Beasts are beasts,

Mechs are mechs,

Oshnus are large snails that are used for many purposes. You can meet one on day 4 either way.

Kra'deshi are amphibious humanoids that look like fish, and have eye stalks. They have various shades of green skin. Fssh is a kra'deshi.

Jarakles are humanoids covered in fur, and have skin tone similar to that of a human. Flekfis is a jarakle.

Shrokes are humanoids with hard skin, and have various shades of blue skin(or purple). Arint is a shroke.

Phickets are the two Jakes assassin you encounter on Sal's day 2, and I have no idea what they are. Humans augmented with insect masks? Or something else? I don't think it ever shows up in the game, unless you somehow meet an assassin outside day 2's boss fight.

Thank you very much! Have a nice weekend!

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