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Hamlet is brimming with great loot and difficulty. stalking stick, pig city, living artifact and more...

what i really appreciate is tea, however i really have a problem with the recipe behind that. as it requires 2 orange pikos and 2 honey. i dont mind the honey in actual but the pikos is what makes this recipe a chore. tea trees can spawn in 2 types of pikos. black versions and orange versions. as the recipe needs orange pikos, why do their black version even exist? to make this recipe a good early game speed boost, there should be only orange pikos. making this recipe is hard already because orange pikos are really RNG based and even then it only last for 2 minutes. again.. my suggestions are: only orange pikos from tea trees, 2:30 minutes/3 minutes of speedboost or 1 piko for the tea recipe. well.. this game wont get further content,changes or fixes anyways. :wilson_dilemma:

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