Are developers thinking of porting Oxygen Not Included to mobile devices?

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4wed    1

For a long time I was looking for ONI (or its analogues) on Android or IOS. And when I realized that he was not there, I thought, "Why don't developers think about porting it to mobile devices." After all, this is a pretty smart decision. Many people are sitting on cell phones, so why not do it?

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Zillvr    1755

Hello @4wed, welcome to the forums. As a disclaimer: I'm only a forum moderator BUT as far as I know the PC version of the game is already memory intensive and with the game having so many UI functions, controlling the game as is would already prove difficult with how small phone screens are. Tablets may be an option but you are still limited to touch screen inputs.

If we compare Don't Starve PC to Don't Starve iOS/Android. A lot of the user input has been removed or cut out completely. And Don't Starve PC already has a much simpler UI compared to ONI PC. An iOS/Android version would possibly have to cut down on a lot of input options with would in turn may cut out a lot of content that already exists in the PC version.

Then again, the devs could already be thinking of making a port and we just don't know it. So speculating on why and how they could make iOS/Android version may only prove inconsequential. As with any game ports, a lot of things need to be considered.

Here's what the devs think on Don't Starve coming to other platform can also apply to your question about ONI on mobile devices.

Klei Support Article: Is Don't Starve coming to (Insert Platform Here)? (Last Updated 8 months ago).

"Once we're confident of any new details, you can be sure that we'll be shouting about it everywhere." - Klei Support Article

I hope that helps, cheers.

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zVince    3016

Hey. Welcome. 

I think the only way we'll have to play ONI mobile is through game streaming services like GeForce Now. As ONI is a game relatively no quick commands. So it is possible to play relatively well.

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