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Epilogue crash


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I'm experiencing the same issue that's been addressed in the following topic, howerever I purchased my game from GoG and it does not allow me to update the game. According to the info the last update in GoG is from July 24, 2018 (276758). How can I get the 2019 updates?


I tried updating through GOG, not sure if succeeded cause latest patch note displayed in GOG is still the 2018 one.

I looked up how to update manually. I found the Klein updater and looked up my key from the GOG store.

The updater says the key is invalid. I'm at a loss now.

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On 5/16/2020 at 1:08 AM, Eightt said:

So I guess it's true. What a disappointment.

Rather: What a shame!

And I don't going to buy anything on Steam and other platform, that support taking away most/all rights from legal customers aka DRM.
And I'm sure that any reasonable user does think same.

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Quite funny, Klei is donating 1M to NGOs, but isn't investing resources to fix their games :-/

Does someone knows a workaround at least for that? Just don't unlock Maxwell?

On 5/10/2020 at 12:45 PM, Eightt said:

Someone on GOG just replied to me and said that Don't Starve is abandoned and not supported on GOG?

Great, so they released a DRM Free version of game, and you can't finish it because is broken.

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OK, for interested people I made a quick fix.  Make sure to be at version 345256 (latest at least at 2020-06-29)

I think this solution is faster than Klei Mods to review this bug. Make sure to make a backup before to avoid any mistake

If you have the game without shipwrecked, please apply fix_ending_base.patch

If you have the game with shipwrecked, please apply fix_ending_base_shipwrecked.patch

How to apply a patch at Linux/OSX:

On a Terminal, go to the base folder of the game.
Run: patch -p1 < /path/to/corresponding/patch.

For example, in my case (Shipwrecked) at my user Downloads folder:
patch -p1 < ~/Downloads/fix_ending_base_shipwrecked.patch

Let me know if works for you. It worked to me.
If you are at Windows, sorry, can't help much on it.

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