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Dedicated server failed to start

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Hello @Sean_Tian, welcome to the forums.

Based on your master server logs, the game is having issues with the mod "Totooria" that somehow conflicts with caves server upon entering it.

[00:00:31]: [string "scripts/components/builder_replica.lua"]:58: attempt to index field 'classified' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    scripts/components/builder_replica.lua:58 in (method) SetTechBonus (Lua) <57-62>
    scripts/components/builder.lua:18 in (field) ? (Lua) <18-18>
    scripts/class.lua:30 in () ? (Lua) <23-32>
    ../mods/workshop-899583698/scripts/prefabs/totooriaglasses.lua:39 in (field) onunequipfn (Lua) <26-41>
    scripts/components/equippable.lua:96 in (method) Unequip (Lua) <92-100>
    scripts/components/inventory.lua:787 in (method) Unequip (Lua) <782-800>
    scripts/components/inventory.lua:950 in () ? (Lua) <914-960>
    =(tail call):-1 in ()  (tail) <-1--1>
    scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua:308 in (method) OnRemoveEntity (Lua) <307-310>
    scripts/entityscript.lua:1357 in (method) Remove (Lua) <1341-1392>
    scripts/entityscript.lua:1383 in (method) Remove (Lua) <1341-1392>
    scripts/gamelogic.lua:848 in (upvalue) DoInitGame (Lua) <685-881>

You could disable that mod and see if issues still arise, but I reckon you are using that specific mod character. Which leads to your only option which is to share your crash logs with the mod creator of Totooria in hopes that they have a fix for the issue you encountered.

For future issues with Don't Starve Together, do confirm if it's mod related. If it mod related, refer logs to mod creators. If issues still occur with the base game and WITHOUT any mods, then make a report with your logs (like you did here) but into the dedicated Klei Bug Tracker found here specifically.

I hope that helps, cheers.

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