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Alright so. Be me, ruggedly handsome Wilson main. 



walk walk fashion baby.

So I join a Klei server in its very, very early days, like day eight. Things get set up quick, and I help out with planting resources. Slow start, but we have fun. 




Then. THEN. Conversation occurs. I forget how exactly it started, but we had a fun time talking about our headcanons! Come winter, we already had some wonderful in-jokes. We'd put up some signs as, like, camp laws. It was great.



Took down Deerclops, too, and almost starved. Had a bunch of birds named DJ Grooves who I all ate. But the best parts come around the beginning of Spring. 



This was when people started to leave, and my game crashed upon picking up a lantern. Everyone was gone, and the Wortox and I decided to take on Bee Queen. We subsequently did not defeat Bee Queen. 

But, food was getting scarce, so we made a run for the caves. Someone showed up, died, and didn't leave, so there was a worse sanity drain than usual. Even worse, it started to rain. I was the only one with an umbrella.



True love was achieved.

Then we both died to bunnymen and insanity and the camp got taken over by a lureplant. There's my life story, folks. Hope you enjoyed =:) 

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