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Dead Cells mod art feedback

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So i'm in the process of making a character mod based on the game Dead Cells, by Motion Twin (Great game, check it out if you haven't already) and I'd like some input from the community. I'd just like to know if the art style matches the game and/or receive any constructive criticism for the art I have thus far.

I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum

Note: I am not a modder by any means, so I have no idea how to program, and I have no idea what ideas I have WILL work, and what WON'T work. With that said, if there are any programmers that are interested in helping sometime in the future, I would be absolutely grateful! This is a mod I would love to see in DST.


The Beheaded [Character] (No art available)

I don't have the art done really at all, as I want to save the character for last, there's just so many textures to edit, and I don't really know exactly how I want him to look quite yet

Stats - To be determined

Mechanics - -

Enemies killed around you have a chance of dropping a Cell; bosses guaranteed drop of (?)x cells. Cells can only be stored in player's inventory, or special container

upon death, all cells will despawn from inventory ;your skeleton will turn to ash; can revive from skeletons



Guillain [NPC]

This is unfinished, but pretty close to being done. I would like to do some adjustments so that the body parts are proportional to the other characters of DST. Note: I will be redoing the art for torso/pelvis, also arms are placeholder

This is merchant. He will provide mutations (semi permanent augments/perks) in exchange for Cells (resource) you can only have 3 mutations at once

You'll lose all mutations upon death

Mutation Examples:

Dead inside: Increase health by (?)%, however, food cannot heal you

Efficient!: Reduce durability used on weapons





Health Fountain (full/empty) [Structure (uncraftable)]

This will be a structure used to refill the health flask (character exclusive item).

One use -- will replenish over some amount of days


Teleportation Tombstone - One-way teleport directly to merchants and health fountain


Frantic Sword - If your health is lower than 50% it does more damage


SNEAK PEAK (What I am currently working on)

The Collector [NPC]

Trades weapons and upgrades for cells

As you can see, his art is very much unfinished, and my workflow is um... very weird. I'm kind of all over the place


What's Planned?       (?) = uncertain

 - More weapons from the game

 - (?) Craftable teleportation tombs (One-way teleport directly to merchants and health fountain)

- (?) Shields

- Health flask: Character exclusive. cannot hold more than one. Can be upgraded (?). Other characters either cannot pick up, or only negative effects when used by them.

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Added some more artwork
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Woah! epic mod idea there!

I'm new to modding myself and this is quite inspiring (even if we're both code clueless xD)

I hope you get to finish it :)

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