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bosses and some other things don't appear

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Do you use mods?
Issue title
No bosses, no pan flute, no werepigs

Steps to reproduce
  Create RoG game

*The steps needed to reproduce the bug*

Describe your issue

 For a few games allready i have this bugs:

There are no bosses.

No dragonflys on the map even if I set up Lots

No Goose nest

Pigs are sleeping in there houses during fullmoon

There no pan flute beside Glommer's statue

reinstaled game, turned off mods, set amount of bosses to lots or more. didn't help

It's much easier to play for such noob like me, but I miss those bastards 

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I'm not a dev but I could explain your problems.

If you are playing singleplayer Don't Starve, bosses(giants) are only available when in their matching season; Moose/Goose in Spring, Dragonfly in Summer, Bearger in Autumn, Deerclops in Winter. You have to wait them until near end season, then charcter will tell you 'boss alert' and boss comes. Also there are no lava ponds in desert or Moose/Goose base in fields.

When you walk to pig village in full moon day's dusk, pigs will go home and will sleep inside. but if you didn't visit in dusk, they will not go into their home and they will turn to werepigs.

Pan flute sitting near Glommer's statue is 75% chance. you was just unlucky 25%.

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