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Mr. Higgsbury II

Missing Anim Bank

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I'm trying to make a mod that lets your choose between the different DLC mainscreens. So far everything works except for the SW animation assets. The game keeps saying that it cannot find the bank and build despite me using the default ones from the game and trying to import them manually myself. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has advice on this.





local function SetMainInit(self) --apply custom stuff
    if theme == 2 then --apply the animations for SW
        self.shield:GetAnimState():SetBank("title_sw") --this is usually named sw_title_shield (doesn't work, but doing it for hamlet works just fine)
        self.shield:GetAnimState():SetBuild("sw_shield") --same for this
        self.shield:GetAnimState():PlayAnimation("idle", true)

        self.wilson:GetAnimState():PlayAnimation("idle", true)



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