Wobster and Bisque required changes

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Wumpair    400

I have an Idea:

what if Wobsters still would be near the land, but not near enough to couch them without a boat. They would be not hostile, till the moment when you catch one of them. After it they could ether: go a way in fear (like rabbits) or do little bit of attacking. How would they attack? Well they would do a small hole in the boat where you stand, then they would squeeze their little claws in it and catch you in the foot, dealing 5 damage that you couldn't block by any thing (Even the bone armor). But you could stop them of doing such attack with the new bait that grandma sells (The sack) if you throe it to the Wobsters, and then catch them they will not attack you! How do you think, is this balanced enough?

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Steamerclaw    80

Well , I'm agree to do some change on the wobster in dst , but not on the recipes themselves . If we change the way / difficulty in order to get them , then it will be more worth to "accept" the recipes are easy to do and get 60hp .

- If we look back to SW , you have to catch the wobster with a water trap to make de lobster bisque . Or you can just pick up to 3 limpets and add an ice to get the classic bisque (60hp , 18.75 hunger and 5 sanity) , it's more easier . Dens are scattered all over the shallow ocean , but in small quantity . Furthermore , wobsters don't go out until it's dusk or night .
- If we look to DST , wobster have to be fished like the other ocean fish , but don't resist . Dens are on the banks of the main island , sometime with 3 or 4 dens at the same place . The wobster go out after some time and still out until someone catch them .

So the main problems are the locations of the dens and the way to catch them which are really problematic for a correct balancing (even a small fish is harder to get , and the wobsters are one of the heavier "fish" )

I think we can do the following changes :
- A relocation of the mounds. A little more far away than the banks, but not as far as the rough ocean. More in the middle of the coastal ocean or in the frontier between coastal ocean and swell ocean (i use the wikia name if you don't understand what I'm saying) . In this way , wobster are not directly at hand , but don't have to sail really far to find them (and that match the location in SW) .
- Less dens OR dusk/night fishing . To still have a little less wobsters , dens must spawn alone or at max 2 , with good distance between each of them ; or give them the same "clock" than SW (only out in dusk and nightime) so they don't stack around .
- "Intense fight" . As I said before , wobster is one of the heavier "fish" (if not the heavier) . Make the reeling fight harder than the black catfish . And if this fight make him that hard, give us the water trap to trade with our lovely Pearl (Hermit Crab) , unlock in the same time than the high lures or with the big lure chest .

I think I've said all of my ideas that could improve them .

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Viktor234    3818

Many recipes require some certain changes, e.g. Seafood Gumbo and Surf 'n' Turf:

Seafood Gumbo is made with 1x Raw Fish and 3x Fish Morsel and restores 40 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 20 Sanity. If you replace that Raw Fish with Monster Meat, which restores -3 Health and 18.75 Hunger if cooked, you'll get Surf 'n' Turf which restores 60 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 20 Sanity, plus you'll still have the Raw Fish which restores 20 Health and 25 Hunger if cooked. More stats for using worse fillers.

And getting Monster Meat is easier than getting Raw Fish.

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shadowDigga    620

The only thing I want changed about wobsters is to make their spawners reside underwater, like they did in SW. It's really annoying that right now they block movement of boats. Both recipes are mediocre in my opinion and the way wobsters are easy to catch is balanced by rarity of butter. Perhaps only Warly would bother making those because he can't eat dried kelps/cooked green mushrooms/cooked cacti to restore his sanity. Even Wigfrid players will probably never bother making Wobster Dinners.

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gghhrr    299

I think we can split wobster mound spawn in two areas


very few wobster mounds spawn distinctly around the shoal with land biome

at very slow spawn rate and low in amount

1~2 wobsters can be found per mound for 3-6 days


(we should have some set pieces on the sea, this one could be designed that way)

and a few shoals spawn in deep ocean and swell ocean,

there will be greatest amounts of wobsters centralize and faster spawn rate


and we should have at least two methods to catch wobster

sea fishing rod and the trawl net in Shipwrecked

my thoughts for trawl net rework in DST:

1. craftable and placeable item ( like how you place a boat )

2. craft with reward recipe from Pearl or traded item ( materials need ropes, silk, boards )

3. at placing the net, it has delay time to start function, all wobsters in that area would be scared and run away

4. you have to throw the fish bait or something to lure wobsters trapped into your net, either wait for a very long time

5. each net has only one use

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