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Return of Them Beta: She Sells Sea Shells

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Viktor234    5535
1 minute ago, Dragonboooorn said:

Skins starting to blinking or something like that for a second in menu and in choosing screen. Is that normal?

Guess it is a new feature to prevent lag. Previously the game lagged until the skin got loaded.

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Mike23Ua    11295

Wow from your last screenshot @bruhmoment23 It looks like they updated the colors and design of Ocean Waves, Those look even BETTER than the ones in Shipwrecked.. it’s a Shame that they still don’t spawn naturally outside of boss fights. :( 

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Mike23Ua    11295
10 minutes ago, Mooagain said:

I love the new search feature in the skin menu!

Can you “Lock” skins so you don’t ever Accidentally unravel something you wanted to keep? I am not ashamed to say I’ve had that happen to me 2 or 3 times before. 

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Marco BR    2221
2 hours ago, Jason said:


You are invited to the beta branch to check out the newest content update Return of Them: She Sells Sea Shells.

An Island fragment of the moon has left a lonely creature stranded. Is it friendly? Time will tell..

New Features

  • Messages in bottles.
  • Moon fragment Island.
  • The Crabby Hermit.
  • The Crab King.
  • New Seasonal Fish.
  • Wobster and Wobster Den
  • New Winch Boat structure.
  • Sunken Treasures.
  • Singing shells. 

For directions to join the beta branch check out the directions here.


Update #404747 Patch Notes:

  • The Crabby Hermit and Crab King are retrofitted into existing world.
  • The player can now board boats while mounted.
  • The player can now board boats while lifting a heavy object.
  • The distance you can jump to embark and disembark has been adjusted and is now based on how fast your character is moving.
  • Irreplaceable inventory items no longer slip out of your inventory when drowning in the ocean
  • Creatures that follow you onto a boat will now wash ashore (instead of die) when the boats sinks
  • Changed the ingredients required to craft the Tackle Receptacle.
  • Boat Patch also repairs boat damage
  • New texture streaming system, loads game textures as needed, reducing memory usage. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s attacks would sometimes miss giants as they moved toward the player.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles (eg Blow Darts) would sometimes not deal damage.
  • Insulation will now protect the player from the cooling effects of Deerclops attacks and fans. 
  • Pipspooks no longer block placement of structures
  • Fixed the coastal ocean rendering on the minimap in caves 
  • Fixed the mast’s animation after being hit by a hammer.


View full update


any idea when it might hit consoles?

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minespatch    89324
1 hour ago, nightmarefan said:

my day was getting worser and worser but klei,like Always, made smile. thanks klei

They also released a new short for Griftlands to my happiness. Any animation from them cheers me up.

1 hour ago, Viktor234 said:

grafik.thumb.png.cbbc0fb5385922b68981358a93c50a66.pngThat feature looks bit new and undocumented...


I wonder how many people are going to ship the hermit with Curio Collector?:wilson_ecstatic:

I'll try this new beta sometime this week, thanks Klei.:wilson_flower:

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bruhmoment23    7576

The purple like spheres near hermits island can be obtained by the boat claw ( pinchin winch ) by placing the boat above it then placing the claw right in the same spot where the sphere is, theyre shell clusters that can be carried and mined with pickaxe, you'll be able to jump over boats while carrying it.

Small thing worth noting, there's now a small animation of the character you play as jumping when moving from one boat to another.


Edited by bruhmoment23
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__IvoCZE__    9538
21 minutes ago, Jack_Lamdam said:

Shell cover


are you able to do a cover of this song? of course only if you want




Edited by __IvoCZE__
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