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Don't Starve (Vanilla) crashes when I enter or exit a cave


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The game just closes out to Windows. It seems to save the game info so I don't lose progress, but I have to restart the game every time I enter or exit the caves. I recorded the crash twice, see https://youtu.be/P_Yg0JHogY8

In case it's relevant, I'm playing plain vanilla DS, no mods installed, no DLC's,

DxDiag, Log.txt and MDMP files are attached.

I accidentally posted this on the DST forum so this is a duplicate.

DxDiag2020.txt log.txt dontstarve_steam_379591_crash_2020_4_12T3_17_58C0.mdmp

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Sorry to hear about this. Checking your log file, we are not seeing an indication of the crash or error. If you are able to reproduce the issue once more, that will update the log file with the pertinent information. Please send us that file. 

That said, I also checked your DxDiag and it look like your graphics card is just below the game's threshold of support, and is below the required 256 MB of dedicated RAM in order to render the game. A couple of things that may help:

1) Graphics drivers have not been updated since 2011 - download and install the latest drivers for your integrated card from Intel's driver/support site.

2) Lower the game's resolution, or enable netbook mode and/or small textures to lessen the game's load on your graphics card.

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Thanks for looking into this. I attached an updated log.txt grabbed just after recreating the issue. I didn't realize you were supposed to have a 256MB graphics card for the game. (Side note, to me the system requirements Steam lists for a game are just long strings of meaningless letters and numbers. It's easier to download the game, see if it works, and get a refund if not.) I've already gone to the Lenovo site, downloaded their driver update checker and it's given be a clean bill of health. The Intel site says go to the site for your computer's brand if they have one so that's what I did. I do know this machine is getting long in the tooth, but other than this issue I generally have no problems running the game on it. The only exception is that I can get frame rate issues if there are a lot of sprites on the screen, but that's only if I'm also running FireFox with a few dozen open tabs at the same time and I don't need to be browsing the web and playing the game at the same time. If it's a matter of upgrading the computer, I'd rather just spend the money on a PS4, that way I can play Don't Starve AND Horizon Zero Dawn. Meanwhile, I'll play with the screen resolution and what not, if anything makes a difference I'll amend this post.

PS. Apparently if I lower the resolution to 1024x768 AND disable distortion then the problem goes away. There is no textures setting in the game that I could see. I still need to see if OBS will be happy with the changes. Unfortunately the cave I'm using for testing is now overrun by depths worms, so further experimentation will have to wait for a bit.


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