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Blue Moth    3375
10 hours ago, JavierDraws said:

If anyone is wondering why there's nothing being posted here, I gotta be honest, I gradually lost interest in DST and DS itself for some reason and I wanted to take a break from it and focus more on other things like school and stuff, although I don't plan to make any fanarts soon (although I might after I finish a big project I'm working on idk.) so sorry for being silent for a long time :c

Here is something that I worked on recently after I had taken a break and tried to improve my art skills

The Serpent remake.png

Welcome back, friend! I was wondering what happened to you.

As for the art, that is AMAZING! Everything about it, from the colors to the composition to the wyrm itself, it is all so good! There has definitely been a ton of improvement since you last posted!

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Blue Moth    3375
9 minutes ago, JavierDraws said:

@Blue Moth <3

Here's another thing I worked on after I finished the Wyrm, still not a fanart but I'm still proud of this one :D

Nezuko Fanart remake finale.png

I really like the lighting on this piece. good work!

also, if you continue posting stuff that isn't related to DS, maybe consider making an off-topic art thread?

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