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Anybody Else in Read-Only Mode?



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Just wondering. It seems the DST section of the forums is still in RO mode, and literally everywhere else I can maybe possibly post.

Also the forums appear to be in a state of constant flux, so maybe I'm just shouting into the void waiting for @minespatch to suddenly mass react to my stuff.

Will delete this after Joe announces from the heavens that all is right in the universe once more.

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YES!  I was just wondering what was up with that!  It's especially confusing since I'm seeing messages from OTHER boards that were from just a short while ago...yet the top of the page doesn't _say_ anything about the forums being in read-only mode anymore.  Surely even if it WAS just _partly_ in maintainence mode, they'd still mention it?  

And they're only like one hour off from me, so it's not a time-zone confusion...


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Oh well, now that makes sense. The section of the forum that has the most people that want to post there and I miss it. AND nobody mentions it till I walk away from my keyboard. =)

Everything is right with the universe once more. Sorry about that. 

Thanks for letting me know. 

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