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Floating Frog and Cooked Vegetable Farm Glitches?

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Blueleaf12    1764

Hi ya'll. I was playing RoG earlier and found some... weird things, to say the least. 

I was in a deciduous forest biome when it started to rain frogs. I came back sometime later and found a larger frog that was not moving. When I approached it, the frog was moving in the opposite direction to my inputs and did not have a hitbox. I took some pictures out of utter confusion, before leaving the area. I could not find the frog again. Sorry for the iPhone images, I forgot to take screenshots. 



The next thing I saw was a farm catching on fire. The ice fling-o-matic put it out, but the fire cooked the yam that grew on it. However, I coudn't harvest the yam until I hammered the farm. 


EDIT: Got the glitch again on April 7th, two farms now. Couldn't hammer them, so they were just chilling there until my base caught on fire


I don't have screenshots for this, but finally, when I died as a previous character, I 'unlocked' Wigfrid and Walani, even though I already have them unlocked. It went through the textbox of gaining experience from my last major run. 

These aren't gamebreaking glitches, but are still baffling. 


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