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Black screen on startup

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Having a issue here. Please find attached all information i gathered.

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Black screen on startup

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When I hit the play button on steam (or directly from steam directory), a black screen appears for a while (3-5 sec) then disappears. During those 3-5 sec, steam considers the game is running, then stop. No messages from steam, the game or windows appear, it just doesn’t start. Same thing happens with don’t starve and don’t starve together.

I installed/uninstalled several times, and re-ran installers

I have a very recent config.


Pingouin Puni



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Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the game. The DxDiag is indicating that your specs surpass the minimum/recommended requirements. Does this happen to any other games on your Steam library or just this one specifically?

- If you have the ASUS GPU Tweak, Tweak II, RIVATUNER, MSI Afterburner or any other third-party performance or graphics programs running in the background, could we get you to try disabling these when running Don't Starve to see if these were conflicting with the game's initialization process.

- If you have recently just updated your Radeon drivers, you may also want to try temporarily downgrading the the previous drivers to see if that resolves the issue.

- Do you have multiple software running in the background while trying to run the game? You may need to try temporarily disabling these from running in the background in case these are causing a conflict with Steam (or the game's) initialization function.

As well, there seems to be known issues with the RX 5700 XT graphics card with various Steam games running into black screens: please see this thread from the AMD forums for more information and possible fixes: https://community.amd.com/thread/241501 

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