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Double login issue/ split screen

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I'm trying to start split-screen game on my x one.

One account is gold, one usual

On main screen, both accounts seem to be connected (no red text in right corner)

Create new world- local, offline for two players.

First popup is like "unable to connect to server. Server don't accept new connections". (i don't play in english, once i set up another languge xbox is forcing me to use this and i cant provide english screens, so its just translation)

Confirm that

Popup "Double login. Logged from another place"


For single work fine.


I'm tired of trying every combination on both accounts to run basic thing in the game. Could you provide clear step list, or even better short video from x one how to start local coop game? 


I've read threads about similar issue from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 but each is closed by "fixed is version 1.xx" but it's still an issue

EULA is accepted for sure

Internet connection is fine

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