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troubleshooting help, running server on different computer

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SusanMcO    13

Background: I am trying to run a dedicated server.  I own DST on username A. I typically play on laptop.  I installed it all on desktop, initially using username A, but of course when I logged in from my laptop, it would have issues because it disconnected the desktop. 

So I made username B.  I made it so my accounts could share on the same machine (desktop) I tried running dedicated server on desktop using username B and then play on laptop with username A.  When I try and log in with username A, username B gets a message that username A is taking DST back and it shuts down the dedicated server. 

Is this because I didn't change the cluster file?  Do I need to regenerate that? should I just start entirely over on the world building? 

I've never run a dedicated server before and I've tried searching for answers, but a lot of it was above my head or I wasn't getting it.  Please help. 

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Daniel86268    389

It sounds like you are trying to play the game on two Steam accounts using family sharing.

That way once Steam A tries to access it's own game that Steam B is using at that moment, Steam B get's kicked out of the game. This has nothing to do with the dedicated server, and is instead a steam limitation.

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