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Sweepy, master cooler - cooling before plastic & steel

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DonDegow    77

Hi all, have you ever encountered a situation where you don't have access to plastic nor steel yet but you already have temperature issues?

Here let me introduce you Sweepy, master cooler.

With the knowledge of the post below, I designed an early game cooling system that does not need high end materials like steel and plastic : 

And oh boy, it does wonders for a low cost heat destroyer.

The idea is to

1/ heat water bottles with a thermo-regulator or an AT.

2/ Allow sweepy to sweep hot bottles and reset their temperature to 20°C.

3/ Allow dupes to reinject the now cold bottles in the system

Here it is, it does not require any intervention once you fed it with some water, at least 2 tons preferably.


Same with legends under in spoiler : 



For testing and demonstration purpose I hooked it to a heat sink of supercoolant but that's basically where you would have the thing you want to be cooled, be it oxygen out of a electrolyzer or a power generation room, it doesn't matter.

The complex part is its automation : 



Dropped bottles need to be accessed only by sweepy in order to ensure their temperature reset; ence the block on the left of the docking station and the 4 tiles gap below the bottle dropper.

All 5 bottle emptiers allows for dupe to empty the docking station (limited to 1t storage) in one run.

Now for the cost of all of this? not much; automation is a bit expensive but that's it : 

- a bit over 2t of ANY raw metal (this specific build uses copper).

- ~800kg of ANY refined metal, no need for steel (but making the central door out of steel improves tremendously the system ability to inject heat into bottles)

- and raw minerals of course for any insulation and building blocks + drywall/tempshift plates in the hot room.

That's it. 3 tons of raw + refined metals and you're good to go.

The limitation of this system comes from sweepy's ability to sweep debris fast enough; a really fast and inaccurate calculation provided something like 0.5s/kg of water. Meaning that with a heat differential of 45°C (65-20) and using water, it's capable of deleting 360 000 DTU/s for a cost of ... 80J (only for the heat deletion part, not counting the AT/thermo-reg obviously). Using a gold thermo-reg and a more precise setting for the thermo sensors can multiply this heat deletion by 2.

I probably forgot to detail some aspects but my head seem to be dead tonight, don't hesitate to make suggestions or ask if there is anything you don't understand.

Enjoy your early game heat deletion exploits!

NB : you really don't have to use full vacuum with visco-gel airlocks, it was simply easier to design it this way. Insulated tiles for the hot thermo-reg room and vacuum where sweepy is and you'll have the same results.

NB2 : I'm expecting this to be fixed quite quickly, like... next update quick.

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Soulwind    279

This really is freaking cool (literally), but it's awfully reminiscent of the Borg Cube heat deletion effects.  

As such, I'd expect this to be eliminated sooner rather than later.

But it IS really neat.  Well done.

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cpy    314

Ah I still remember mantis coolers. That thing ate heat for power.

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