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kittem    505

a very small one (for i do like a lot of quotes) but willow's "they won't let me" when doing an invalid action is always gonna be funny to me because...

the first time i saw that line was trying to put a live bird in a crockpot XD 

oh the implications of seeing that for the first time in that situation!


a better response is wigfrid's line for the brush, "time for hair and makeup"

its one of the lines that is not completely in character, so its already high tier (ha), but this line is just so cute!

imagine a little dolled up beefalo like how people buy clothes for their dogs!

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CaptainChaotica    5288

Well, Wigfrid IS actually an actress, so maybe she means "hair and makeup" in the sense of getting into costume backstage?  (I also suddenly have the Muppet Show theme song in my head, in which, during the second verse, all the _guy_ muppets sing:  "It's time to put on  makeup/It's time to dress up right...") 

Anyway if true, this would make that line one of Wigfrid's fairly rare OUT of (Viking warrior) character lines and more like the real Wigfrid underneath, along with "The curtain falls..." when she goes into darkness.

And the "They won't let me" also reminds me of when you're playing an oldschool adventure game and out of desperation, you've gotten to the click-everything-on-EVERYTHING stage just to see if _anything_ new will happen.  For example, Rincewind's flat "That doesn't work." when you try this in "Discworld".  XD

(no, I haven't done that myself many many times while playing adventure games; why do you ask...?)


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