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beowulf2010    599

As I've never played with bottled liquid beyond their normal phase change temperatures, I just want to check my understanding.

The bottles liquids will stay bottled, regardless of their current versus solidification temperature, until they are emptied by a dupe via a Bottle Emptier or the "Empty" command, yes? 

Which would then result in a other dupe grabbing the now <150C bottles and putting them in a Bottle Emptier causing the now solid metal/igneous rock to form in nice 200kg chunks in need of only a bit more cooling to be truly usable. 

This design speaks to me, especially with my last couple of catastrophic volcano failures. Thanks for sharing! 

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tzionut    263

I will use sweepy only for the magma bottom part for clean the magma in areas where dupes can't go and dig or sweep (like neutronium tiles), or for cleaning the rocket silos from regolith after the rocket is on route. 

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