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f. art thread


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hi  i make drawing here we go

these drawings are NOT in chronological order so.....they will be different qualitys.....

dont storve


5e61797588db1_wraineportraitfinishedfinishingtouches.thumb.png.697e17f1b9bb61a3c7d5c7563ec24dce.png proudest achievbement.... my baby boy.... in dont STORVE....

wartifact.thumb.png.d7fda6c3e8f5aac26a20d4e55a1431be.pnguhmmm some dude wen.thumb.png.e62648736c525eb8f4fe11dfcf5e3888.png my own original character... wen.....


wigfrid.thumb.png.82bdd78306035b448004e8e5c720fed7.png ummm angry lady

wormwood.thumb.png.7d8b582dd0b60864e519c8623dc8cb87.png REALLY old picture of some people (i dont know who they are....)


5e617aee77167_somessquid.thumb.png.feebe5e32c509bd6e64467237058df1b.png some werdo asked me to draw this... some squid lady i guess....

and MANY MANY more that i just do not have (because i cannot find them onmy computer sorry i do not keep copies of everythign i draw....)

and now the BETTER ONE (oxygen not INCLUDED baby!!!)


5e617b81dce5d_aprehensivehassan.thumb.png.ff7b91c5517e774d75bbbf86ad854338.png hassan juts a little tired is all.......

5e617b9682c0d_duplicantsweepergun.thumb.png.40bb97823b01f6bbf6a5f45cbafeee3d.png he is having a good time!!!!!

5e617ba979a29_nikolasaiyen.thumb.png.77afee7d4e8aad35ae91c0d6ccb9697e.png nikola will not build a death laser... he IS the death laser!!!

ren.thumb.png.ee760d3c2a18dbf4b09028f04de5a554.png wen in the FORG (he is a little tanned because it is a HOT in there hoo boy!)

5e617bf341cd6_wenpuft.thumb.png.d0447e093b11bce9b2bf1f73426b4f52.png i was juts so EXCITED about puft getting in dont starve that i drew wen patting him....

5e617c202dcdc_devon.thumb.png.18b1f0a13dff3e14ac87c4a94961e4be.png devon is not used to so many HOSTILE ENTITIES in vicinity....

5e617c4183bcd_renrancher.thumb.png.e474bad87f257413834c056dbb18f9e8.png ren its just CHILLING with an EGG!

unknown.png.537b6b1161f750db6cd1bd41735dcfb1.png some DUMP A*S

5e617c8302958_wendydupe.thumb.png.ff1a2152798b30c868cf69edae38346b.png umm... shouldnt this be in THE DONT STARVE???

5e617c9ac845d_dupe.thumb.png.a7bf2e409d09ddea23acfff245efbe12.png CATOLINAS

fashthumbnail.thumb.png.552460bb53a34879cd7395010fe187da.png see, hassan is feeling ALRIGHT

gossmanscream.thumb.png.972a24f217ba74b734586e9e99ef6874.png gossman is singing their HART out!

decipede.thumb.png.7214c272c4f700bfab4b9c8d7b34c867.png umm who is this

sweepy.png.e01bba6cd1ebe4fe10a29e057b4c1b94.png the BOY

renportrait.thumb.png.9100467a22db77b6f244d7612337a556.png ummm... his name is WEN.....

duplicant.thumb.png.768e9bf2bd8a4982ee39fe9b6604a9b3.png umm who would even put something so OLD in their art gallery.......




nepeta ds.png PETPETA

5e617e3eaf6e5_grassstuft.png.69139d3fe144ae4478b4879debc1c5b0.png oldest drawing EVER...

5e617e6a70760_mariowitchprojectwithcapetime.thumb.png.2747cbf9a8930407ce1f6755ad2b463a.png mario JUTS CHILLING

5e617e78249fe_povquestionbox.thumb.png.1d25b40c247c52872472a1b2361a4833.png PORSPECTIVE shot....

5e617e8714b63_medliswoowow.png.12ad25a5220cf6465688b8f04c9e540d.png umm who is this BIRD

drawing12142019.thumb.png.38e9fa905e289f6aedd87e263e8e46b0.png umm who would even put so many things on screen...

5e617ee9c70a5_deserthappy.thumb.png.98c6791b0ed0b36366df327d6abff9fa.png mastorpiece......


mario... IN REAL....



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pizza_tower.png pizza tower......



the above picture is a 3 frame gif of "Samy Marman" retrieving a bowl from her freezer, for my webcomic on mspfa, Cool And New Friends. This gif doesn't look like much, but oh there is a catch. I have never made a gif before. At least, It has been long enough for me to forget literally all steps of it. So i think to myself "hmm i will make it in paint.net" but my dear friends looking at this art thread. it is not that simple. paint.net does not support gif making no matter how many plugins that say that you install. So i save all of the 3 frames of that paint.net picture as 3 different images, and load them into gimp. But oh, it will not be that simple. Gimp, while previously being able to make gifs, does not anymore. At least, mine does not, because there is no gif extension to export the gif as. so as a last resort i go to my gif editing website, ezgif, and just make it entirely there. I deeply fear making another gif.

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On 3/5/2020 at 5:33 PM, Lbphero said:




Oh cool, you were concepting a character for that armor.

Poor Warbucks.:wilson_ecstatic:

5d31695d615d3_Wendypresentstothepets.thumb.png.7022fb1e2f7e15c2b0f0ee76eeca505b.pngEyyyy great minds think alike.:wilson_goodjob:

Nice job tackling the environment. I like how you made the dunes act as different parts of the perspective.

On 4/3/2020 at 3:40 PM, Lbphero said:


I love how you did the splashing effect on this one.

On 4/10/2020 at 1:13 AM, Lbphero said:

luigibeak.thumb.png.6996c4629148a8b08f97946b090cb6a5.png Ghost catchin!!!!!!

586d7dd93652f_20170104-ThulianShadowVacuum.thumb.png.97498d2158f7a319407507f6b8dd8b36.pngLuigi really needs this... Even if it doesn't exist in the game.:wilson_ecstatic:

Love the perspective, bud.

On 4/18/2020 at 2:30 AM, Lbphero said:


She kind of looks like she's doing that MArge dancing meme.

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