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Mike23Ua    11342
On 9/10/2020 at 5:40 PM, Mike23Ua said:


With Wigfrids Rework this month.. this just feels fitting.

Quoting Myself to continue this set-


By the way it is 12:15am here, so Technically Wigfrids Refresh Is Tomorrow!

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Wardin25    2528

I got kinda lucky and unlucky at the same time as I once got 3 elegants that I didn't really want in the same week. I'm still wondering wheter to unweave them cause I dont use them or keeping them for collecting them. The elegants where Reclaimed Relic (Shadow Manipulator skin, of which I already have the other 2, but kept cause it reminded me of Ori and the will of the wisps), Brute Chest (Skin for chest, of which I already have 2) and The bewitched skin (Halloween wicker, I dont reallly play wicker, but I have her Magmatic set)

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