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Bilebroker chemist distraction too punishing

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RageLeague    1493

It is very difficult to negotiate with bilebrokers and hold on for a lot of turns, but right now we can guarantee a negotiation with bilebrokers on Rook's day 3. I held for too long and they incepted a "distraction" argument which is invulnerable, and lasts 4 turns on max prestige. I lose a resolve every time I play a card, and that is too punishing. I know that my deck sucks at that point seeing that I can't succeed the negotiation on turn 6, but still, it's unavoidable damage, and it leads to a lose-lose situation: when you play cards, you lose resolve, and when you don't play cards, you can't progress and can't block. You guys might want to look into this and make it more fair.

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