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[Gameplay] Click detection occasionally fails - too fast inputs?


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Using Steam version current as of time of posting, all DLCs, Win7 64x.

Every once in awhile a click on an item in the world or a UI button will do nothing, despite visual cues showing that the item/button is selected.  Clicking again usually works, but sometimes a click will fail twice in a row.  I do not have this issue with anything else I use my computer and mouse for.   It feels like the game is expecting clicks ever so slightly longer than normal, and it's not just me; when I posted about this on the Don't Starve subreddit, someone mentioned having a similar problem when using a trackpad after a certain update and suspected that not holding the click long enough is what causes the input to not be read correctly.

Due to the nature of this issue I can't provide a log or any meaningful steps to reproduce.

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