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Report player on Oficial Klei Server

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Wanfanel    3

I want report a player who killing everyone on official non-PVP and Cooperative server (Spiders and Such - Klei Official)

Playing as Wickerbottom spawn tentacles at spawn area and make wall, when people escaped his trap he start killing with thunderstorms.

I don't think this behaviour like this acceptable on player with 4k+ Hours.

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if you want to report players go to the group server griefter report. Even that, they need picture or video of griefing, acusing ppl like this in a klei forum, without any evidient only seems suspicious and unproductive.


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x0-VERSUS-1y    4,265

Have no fear dear helper, the dum-dum troll from OP link provides own print-screens of griefing;


(Also seems an avid PvPlayer.. hmm. HMMM! How was that? "If stereotyping is so wrong how come am proven so right"?! :lol:)


PS: it appears more people are reporting on this mad lad - Bad end of the day because of griefer. We got another Clouds-tier insane person or like those resetting chaps 2 years ago. Perhaps this person wants to prove something to Klei, eh. Klei Official servers - wild wild west land indeed!

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*le PS
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