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FPS drops overtime with decent PC

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I would like to point out that I did my research on this and I've already done the DST startup options on steam and set it to -threaded_render. It is also worth noting that I have over 30 mods installed and I also have the minimap HUD with me as well. 

So, I'm hosting a server so my friends and I could enjoy a game of DST. I start out the game and everything is fine. Stable 60 FPS with little to no stutters. Then after a couple of hours, I notice that my FPS goes to like 55-60 which is still okay but it's still definitely noticeable. I go to the lunar biome to setup our saffron feather/krampus sack farm and every time my Wickerbottom reads a book it now drops to 48 then goes to 58 and 60 with noticeable stutters. I notice the FPS drops around 3 hours of playing which forces me to restart my client to get stable FPS again.

Here are my specs:

OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit 

Processor: i7-4790 @3.60 ghz (8CPUs)


Video card: GTX 1050 TI 4GB GDDR5 

Memory interface (?Idk what this is?): 128-bit. Core clocks: 1455 MHz / 1341 MHz 


Any help would be absolutely appreciated. 


Best regards,

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