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leoalessa0    0

1.Please improve the server,very stuck when playing together.

2.Put Hamlet and Shipwreck mode online.

3.Drive a third copy after Gluttony and Forge.

4.What we need now is not new characters, but new mechanisms and new content.Veteran players are playing without comparing anything.

That's all, thanks.

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Mike23Ua    3128

1- I don’t Understand

2- Hamlet isn’t even on consoles yet so I highly doubt they’ll randomly add that content into DST.

 2.5- The vast majority of people on these forums for Whatever reason seems to be completely against wanting Shipwrecked Compatibility with the game, Due to Climate & Regional Atmosphere purposes, not wanting old content added to DST or whatever.

3- ?????????

4- Uhh there’s only One new promised character coming, everyone else is a Refresh of Already Existing Characters.

4.5- Lunar Island and all its Biomes and craftables + the Malbatross Boss isn’t considered new content and Mechanisms to you?

(Sorry I’m just trying to understand your post.)

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Kuba5565    3149

1. You mean it's lagging?I don't understand.

2. Shipwrecked and Hamlet are avaible in DST as mods, i don't think they will ever be added. Their are exclusive to DS and they should be, if they weren't then DS would have nothing special about it besides adventure mode and noone would buy it.

3. Events like those will probably return in the future when character refreshes and new content will be finished.Klei said the costs of having the servers for those events were to big.

4.We ARE getting new content "Return of Them" with new mechanics and also new characters and character refreshes. So i don't see a problem.


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