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Wardite: new rock lobster character concept

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Wesbie    178
On 15/02/2020 at 4:52 PM, DrWoaFynn said:



I loved your character suggestion, if you don't mind I would like to add 2 things.

1st. He can hide, turning into a stone. With a click of the right mouse button.

2st. Wardite is a walking thermal stone.
It can get very hot, and look yellowish to hot or reddish to very hot.

It can get very cold, and look bluish for cold or pale for very cold.

He can wear warm clothing to prevent acclimatization.

Whenever he goes from one extreme temperature to another he loses 12.5% of his life.

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Mike23Ua    3129

I really enjoy the characters who can start their own personal mob civilization in the game.

Webber with Spiders.

Wurt with Merms.

But I feel like more could be done in this area..

Wendy with Ghosts.

Wilbur with Splumonkey.

Wilba with Werepigs.

And THIS type of Character with Rock Lobsters.

There are only two other mobs that can receive this Personal Civilization style of gameplay.. and that’s Bunnymen & Catcoon. 

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