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Heroes of The Dark World server

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My Base is My Kingdom event

Heroes of the Dark World is a private server for players who know how to survive and want more than just a regular Don't Starve Together experience. 

Here are some unique things you will find on our server:


Admin Organized Event - We have events such as The Sailing Competiton (show your sailing skills and win rewards), My Base is My Kingdom (build your base and earn special rewards to improve your base), Valentine's day celebration (craft special Valentine's day items and have fun) and more.

Player Ranks and Reward - Players who survive long enough can achieve hero ranks and craft unique items based on their rank.

Heroes of the Dark World server is open 24/7.

The server is located in Germany, Frankfurt.

Join Heroes of the Dark World Discord channel for more info, server rules and password: 

You can find server live streams on my Twitch channel:



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