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Create DLC packs with themes or variety!

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Siigari    13

Hey Klei, I love your game.

I have been considering for the past while that it would be very cool if we could have some DLC packs with themes for variety! They could of course be selectable, and players could mix-and-match what they want in-game.

For example, we could have Liquid Reservoirs and Gas Tanks that are perfect for placing in space, and then we could have some that would look awesome while submerged in liquid. We could have furniture that provides us with a way to fill empty space in various ways. Certain machines or buildings could have different appearances. Tiles might look different rather than just the typical grey (tiles & metal tiles) or purpleish-stuffed (insulated tiles).

Basically provide us with decorations and options on already existing buildings and tiles!

Don't get me wrong, I love how all of your updates are just rolled into the game. Perhaps you could do that, as well! But I have no issue supporting you, and I hope that many others feel the same way. We want Klei to be a successful business!


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