Add more turf types, and/or release skins specifically for turf.

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Maxil20    363

In DS, there’s a considerable amount of variety with turf options. You have ROG/SW/HAM to find new turf, and customize your builds with a large amount of variety. Turf is the foundation of a base, and having a lot of ways to make it whatever you want is a nice thing for a bit of personality to a build.

In DST however, your options are significantly more limited. You have three different turf options that were not in ROG, and 2/3rds of these were only introduced in return of them (the other being scaled flooring, added in A New Reign). The lack of variety makes a lot of bases look similar to each other  with their turf types, especially given how manmade turf is also important to stop world regrowth. 

A way to help improve this is to simply add more turf types, preferably new manmade ones. Hamlet had a good amount variety with what you could make, and the recipes were extremely reasonable (grass was usually a base compared to boards, and the second ingredient was usually something like rocks or nitre). It would be nice to spiffy up with some new manmade turf, especially since the events had some really neat options you can’t obtain ingame.

Alternatively, another method that seems reasonable is to simply add new skins for turf itself. There’s a lot of options for it (having skins for cobblestones, for instance, would be neat to see), and it would help improve variety while not adding new recipes for turf. The main limit here is how difficult it would be to add/code a skinned turf, but it seems doable given how some skins already directly impact some items, such as fences.

I think it would be nice to see, especially given how many possibilities there are for turf and how it can already impact a huge part of the creative community with just the addition of 2-3 turf types.

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PhoeniX19922    39

I dont think turfs need skins, because when you will look at map non-skin and skined ones will look the same at mini map. But I agree with you that we need more turfs, having only few craftable floorings is not enough :) I even dont mind having DS turfs

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