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Full moon bug


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Platform: PC (steam)
Version: 379591
So in normal DS, at full moon theres light everywhere (witch is normal). but if a lightning strike happens at full moon the light will go away, back to darkness (not only visually).

Probably because when a lightning strikes there will be full bright for a sec, and that disables the full moons effect. but i don't really know.

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I can confirm this and have it captured on video in case anyone wants to see it happen. I'm also playing vanilla DS. It wasn't really a problem in my case because I was playing as Willow and just had to equip my lighter, but it might been more serious for one of the other characters. I couldn't figure out my version number, but it should be the current one on Steam. (Steam says the build # is 4386002.) I have no DLC's installed btw.

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