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[Game Update] - 393281

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Electroely    4405
2 hours ago, lakhnish said:

Was the issues with the Mini Signs (marked fixed by Peter here) part of this patch? I don't have the skin to check :'(

I don't know what looks about strange in the mini signs in that bug report, but here's an image of the same setup so you can see for yourself if it's been fixed:


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zVince    3312
43 minutes ago, Mr. Despair said:

It's delayed for 3 days each time someone in the forums asks.

If I'm not mistaken Joew said in early January that it would soon leave in the next few weeks. Last year the roadmap came out much earlier. Consider it like anxiety from a fan.

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fimmatek    4239
3 hours ago, NSAiswatchingus said:

I have to keep reminding myself that they said the roadmap would follow Year of the Carrat event. We'll know news is coming when they herald the end of the event. 

Thanks for reminding, I totally forgot that.

2 hours ago, zVince said:

Will we have a roadmap?

I suppose we'll get one when (or soon after) YotC ends. Not too early if you ask me, but we can't really rush things, now can we?

On 23.1.2020 at 6:48 PM, Jason said:

That's all for now. On to the next thing! We'll have more information on what we're working on in the weeks following the Year of the Carrat event. Have fun out there!


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