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Game breaking carrats bug

Mr. Raider

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It all started when i dropped a race carrat on the ground, then i took it to the speed gym.

When i interact with it, the carrat is both in the gym, and dropped on the ground. It can be taken from the ground, and the same carrat can be taken from the gym. If i use one of the two duped carrats on any gym, scale or make it start a race, the other disappears.

If i KILL the carrat on the ground, the "himself" on the speed gym will keep running until the time runs out, but then im not able to interact with it. If i attempt to hammer down the gym, the server crashes.

If i leave the carrat until he gets up and buries itself, it will keep training, when he stops running he shows neither ears or tail.

Taking either the buried one or the gym one, makes the other disappear. At this point the carrat cannot interact with any other gym or scale until he starts a race. Most of the time, when starting a race, the carrat buries itself until you interact with it, losing time.

I've tried with new carrats and all did the same thing."Bald"  carrat and buried carratTwo carrats

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