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Wolly Treating a Toy Boat Like a Random Trinket.

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Platform: Steam
Mods: Yes. None of them have anything to do with Wolly or the trinkets.
Version: ...does "Rev 379591 797" mean anything? Because pressing the backspace key didn't bring up anything that outright said "Version X". I assume the most recent since Steam updates the game automatically.

I was digging up graves trying to find blue gems, alt+f4-ing whenever a grave gave me something useless like marbles, and I found a couple of toy boats. I was pretty happy because I knew toy boats could be given to Wolly for two blue gems apiece. However, when I actually brought them to Wolly, I got gold instead. Alt-f4-ed out to try again, got flint. Round three, dark petals. Each time it was 9 of the item, which doesn't correspond to the drop table of any of the other trinkets (the closest ones are the hardened rubber bong and the dessicated tentacle, with 8 apiece, according to the wiki).

It has been a while since I last played, so did something change in an update and I didn't know? Or what's going on?

For reference, this is a Shipwrecked-Compatible Reign of Giants world. I do not have Hamlet or DST.

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