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I would actually like to create this myself since it appears (I'm guessing) to be a simple logic looking through an object and randomly selecting what is available. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to follow the steps to get my MS VB 2019 configured so I can try this out myself.


Any assistance in either setup or actually making this mod would be great!

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Candide    22

Wow, that was a lot of work to get working correctly. Had quite some bugs. It appears to work as intended now, but of course there could still be bugs I missed. So please report any bugs you find. Download is here, you can install it locally. I will later publish this on Steam later on, too. Geysers/

Oh, and make sure you set "RandomizerHighlanderMode": true in the config. It tells you in the Readme how to find it. Alternatively you can make new base and have "Highlander" in the name. So "Highlander420" works just as well as "XXHighlanderXX". But it is case sensitive.


Note: The Steam page for this is However it does not yet included the requested mode.

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