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suxkar    132

Metal ores are usually pretty abundant mid to late game. They are simply not an early game tecnology.

Their real cost is FPS

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OxCD    478
On 26/01/2020 at 5:03 PM, augustinoi said:

100 metal for tile ?, i already need to spend electrical wires to use them. please change it for mineral. 

You'll get back your ore when you'll switch to conductive wire.

However, back to the time when rail bridges needed raw mineral instead of metal ore, it costed 400kg. This number was kept after the change we know, from 400kg mineral to 400kg metal.

But this is the only bridge that cost four times the standard line price. Liquid bridge is same price than liquid pipe, same for gas conduit. But for rails, it's much more expensive, although like other bridge it just steps over one tile only.

I personnaly don't like this, but my suggestion when this change popped-up remains unsatisfied.

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