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Wilson rework concept (still updating)

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Superwolfkid    1084

So I've been seeing alot of Wilson rework ideas lately and I've been thinking of an idea concept for a wilson rework based my idea of who wilson is as a character and things based on others ideas to mix it up together. So enjoy (: (I'll draw pictures as well but they might take a while.)



* Is a true chemist at heart!(Chemistry tab and using potions to your advantage)

This idea came from a previous post about reworking wilson, inspiration comes from @loopuleasa here's the link 


Wilson spawns into the world starting with his own portable Chemistry table (maybe not portable but still thinking) Wilson can use it to craft his own sets of chemistry potions and ect to be able to support and aid his fellow survivors. Some people say it should work like the mad scientist lab where you had specific ingredients. I think it would be more interesting if it worked like cooking in a crockpot putting stuff in to see what you would get, that way it could really put more of a testing and experimental playstyle similar to Warly's gamestyle of experimenting with food and ingredients to see what you get. I dont have any great ideas on what the potions should be but you guys suggest, I'd love to see what people think of.

*Bonus to first perk lab rats experimenting

I thought of adding this as a little extra reference to Wilson's lab rats in the forbidden knowledge trailerScreenshot_20200121-143820_YouTube.thumb.jpg.4a0f944671131f505aa445bd5d4efe84.jpg

Wilson can also craft cages to hold in lab rats to experiment on. (I dont know if the lab rats will already be there or he'll have to catch them) Wilson can give a food item or potions that he makes from his lab to see what effect it has on a player, this is a great way for new players or advanced players to test on things their unsure of like for example probably as a joke if wilson feeds a lab rat a deadly item like a red mushroom or monster meat the labrat would probably die and turn into a skeleton and wilson would say something like "Yeah, Let's not..."

*likes to plan ahead (blueprint crafting) 

I can't find the original post for this idea, if anyone knows or it sounds familiar please let  me know cause I would love to credit them here.

If we look into the trailers and game art Wilson usually builds alot of things. Wilson built Maxwell's door by hand, he built the florid postern, seems like the man with a plan using brains over brawn. This is a mix between the original concept of blueprint crafting and my idea to shake it up... Wilson has the ability to make blueprints that way early game a wilson can help his team get a headstart. This might be a little bit broken meaning a wilson can supposedly rush to late game items, so maybe it works similar to Wickerbottom where wilson can make blueprints of items one tier ahead of his current crafting tier  for example wilson could make a blueprint of a backpack early game and share it with his fellow survivors.

Rework skin:

I thought his rework skin could reference him in his apron, maybe a wilson with a hairstyle after an explosion like in the trailer.just basically the result of a failed experiment.

New belongings:

I couldnt really find much but they could perhaps reference Wilson's safety mask he used during the forbidden knowledge trailer. Maybe this could be used for the dessert goggles, Or something.


final thoughts:

This was me writing ideas for concept I gotten inspired off of other beautiful people from these forums. If only I could credit the person who originally made the blueprint idea... :( if anyone have any suggestions or ideas, let's talk about it :D I always thought it was weird how wilson never really had anything sciene related in the game despite him being a wannabe scientist and I tried making these ideas working that still

1. Gives Wilson an optional power that way wilson still gives a true experience of the game

2.Still attempts to make wilson a basic character with his own unique ability

3. Goes into Wilson's backstory and basing powers on his personality and hobbies similar to whinona

I'll be reading and responding back in the comments thanks for reading this and I hope you have a great day, I love you all and this wonderful community, stay strong but most importantly Don't Starve! :D

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Mike23Ua    4384

I seriously just want Wilson’s shaved off beard hair to turn into actual Beardlings when your going Insane, To Wilson he will see Eyes appear in the Hair before it turns into a Rabbit, but to everyone who is NOT Insane it will look like Wilson is creating Regular normal Rabbits out of thin air like Magic.

Maxwell can even reply with “Hmph.. my Act is still Better.”

And it turns Wilson into the Only character in the entire game who can provide his team with free food source.

As for the whole Chemistry/Mad Scientist Thing.... Wilson is a FAILURE Mad Scientist, it’s having his experiment explode in his face and sitting in a chair depressed about it that lured him into the constant.

So to suddenly become an Actual GOOD Mad Scientist would just seem rather odd to me.

But THEN there are the Vignettes in the game which seem to lean more towards Mad Scientist... so at this point: I would just say it’s up to Klei to decide how they want to go with that.

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blacknight7890    276

I have a cool blueprint idea, maybe with the alchemy table, wilson can craft an item that makes a record of all the crafts he knows (sans the alchemy stuff) onto a "pile of blueprints" or something. using this item lets someone learn all the crafting recipies wilson recorded, this would allow him to share his knowledge with others. this would be the best with harder to get recipes like bundling wraps, mushlights, funcaps, the scaled furnace, desert/fashion goggles, and even end tables.

could have a thing where wilson can copy another players crafts, too, but I'm not sure how that would work, especially with character specific items like bernie or abagales flower.

tldr: Cartographer's Desk, but with recipes.

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