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I need music crap for a soundtrack playlist for DST characters

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Pinkamena11FazP    1155

So I've been always wanting lists for the characters like different themes/songs for characters that you guys think might fit for the skin of the character.  Possibly formatted in a way like:   (Character):   (Skin):     (Song link):                Please reform from songs with swears (or if they do send clean versions)

(Honestly I have no freaking clue why I want this I just really want to listen to music while I roleplay as the characters)

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ZTheNecromancer    2799

Well, I listen to a lot of high energy music and I have a lot of them so maybe a few of these might help.


Theory of Everything No vocals. But it has theory in it so why not?

Theory of Everything 2 Again, no vocals.


Fireproof No context needed.


(Lots and lots of high energy songs. Loooots.)

Roadgame This is my favorite song, makes me wanna move.

Cyborg Telekinetics 


The quiet Earth Well, earth.

1,00 Light Years Away First time I heard this I kinda died a little, makes ya feel lonely. At least to me.


Dex Arson- Beast mode

BeastMode- Teminite Yes there is two of them with the same name.


The Devil's Swing 2nd favorite song.

Hedwig's Theme Maxwell, Untriumphant skin. Channel your inner dork.



The Seven Seas It's different than you think.

Hopefully these might help. Sorry if you kill your ears.


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me real life    12707

I've got some songs that I associate with DS/T characters for one reason or another.

Big Wave Beach, because it's the exact type of stereotypical surfer music that fits her.
Surfing Stars, for the same reason.
Escapism. Complete shift in tone from the last two, but that's Walani. The care-free surfer chick attitude occasionally peels back to show that she's really not too happy with her life. Also, y'know, ukulele.
Cabinet Man. It's a bit silly, and I never 100% believed in the "WX is a human inside a robot" theory, even before Wagstaff, but the song still gives off WX energy to me.
hello world. "EMPATHY MODULE NOT RESPONDING". That's basically just a throwaway joke at this point, but I like to think that WX's hate for all things living is actually the result of some kind of bug.
Weaponry, a song about a robot using weapons to force people to respect them. It checks out.
Tiny Alien. Very fitting for a little guy that fell from the moon and has a problem with feeling lonely.

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DragonMage156    27710

Figures the only song I know is the Slime Rancher one that made me internally sob XD

I don't have a whole lot but I suppose I can add a few.

- Feeling Good for tri-Wilson.

- Stole the Show (Maxwell and Charlie. Kinda gives me Final Act vibes)

- And if you're a Willowson shipper, I associate this song (You Always Make me Smile) a lot with that ship.

I'll post more if I think of them.

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