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augustinoi    31

I play this game a long time, and on of changes that make me confused is about those skills. i accept hat because i like that feeling of organization and about everyone knowing what they need to do but i think that skill punctuation of RP-383949 is just to bringing easy. and i say that because is easy of any dup get good in anything. i don't know if this is hard in terms of development but i this it is cool if dupes needed more point to update for next hat beyond that i think some hat a able to take more points until maximize certain hat. but to take it more interesting that will be good if each level of a hat allow it to do a new thing. for example, me-ma has one point to spend so she gets 1 for cooking. so all dupe can make mush bat (because is a survive food) but she able to cook liceloaf too. and of course, will need a certain level to update. like 8 0r 10, other as supplying that have more promotion will need lass level to update.

think about something similar to that will make skill much more fun to get. i hope you enjoy the idea.

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