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Can't connect lobby servers[my dedicated server]

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samuel liu    0

i change my dedicated server's Network segment, and reboot my server, restart the dst server....

that all my operation.

yesterday Pm 8:00,it work.

today Pm 2:00, it is not work.

first try:


i think it may the network too slow, but i try to ping the same url


it'e not slow...

and i retry...restart the dst server....and after a few 'years'  , i see a new log....8EF20DF9-F9BE-4290-8F98-534C30182B5C.thumb.png.354b3e7fdedf5f81ad06ad07f17deac1.png

until now , it's have not change...

somebody help~

by the way ,no firewall running, and i have use netcat tools to test the udp link, it's clear

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Daniel86268    383

If you ask me, 10% packet loss is actually quite bad.

That aside, not sure if there is a firewall running between your router and Klei's servers, which somewhat delays the communication by a lot.

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