Two sets of duel servers, only one shows up on lan connection at a time

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Im running two sets of duel servers, one with creative mode for all, one without, both modded.

There are no issues with outside connections. People connect with no problem. 

My issue is only one is showing up in the game client at a time under lan connections. If I refresh a LOT, the other will swap places in the list.

I went as far as changing to in hopes this would fix the issue, yet noticed after bootup it went back to

I looked up so many posts, all are about not connecting, nothing about what is happening in my situation.

By the way, this is a windows 10 system. One dedicated server set with caves is through the dedicated server menu on Steam.

The second server I set up using SteamCmd. Im going to try an old program I once used called noip and see if this helps.

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If anyone can give a heads up on how to get both servers to show up on the lan side, would be appreciated.

In the mean time Im using a vpn to connect to both the long way around. Figured since I paid for it, might as well put it to use for something. There was a similar post not related to my issue, and the work around is much better than having to constantly hit refresh till the other server shows up.

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Daniel86268    381

First of all is always your localhost Ip, which means it links to the IP Address your interface has. That also means your PC only has one IP Address per interface, of which you probably have only a single one as well. So for running multiple IP Addresses on one PC you'd need multiple network cards, or virtual network interfaces. (WAAAYYYYY too much wasted effort.)

A simple solution would be to just use different ports for the individual servers. Just change the server_port variable in the server.ini files to some other values and you are good to go.

No need to change IP Addresses unless you plan to run more than something like 60000 DST Servers at once on one system, because that's about how usable ports are available.

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