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Mike23Ua    2,249

Summer- Replace the Antlion ground collapses/cave-in’s and make them actual parts of this weather season.. the ground is getting so intensely hot that it is cracking from the heat and collapses down in on it self, so these should happen a lot more often and a lot more frequently as a Weather effect in the Summer, and not just be Tied down to a Boss Battle.

Winter- (Only If the host sets the server settings to be a long Winter) An Intense Blizzard, Impairing Vision and make the player much colder, without a Thermal Stone, a Campfire, a Winter hat, and a nice Winter Jacket you will freeze to death.. People freeze to death in Snow Storms without Winter gear on.. so why shouldn’t they in the Constant?

Autumn- I want the ground to be specked with multicolored leaves Similar to how you can see Spots of Snow in Winter.. I also want ALL trees not just Birchnuts.. to maybe gain some color to them and/or appear as leaf less versions to simulate all their leaf have fallen. Autumn will also have a higher chance of dropping more Pinecones, Birchnuts and Twigs then usual you won’t even have to chop the trees to get them because just like the leaf the will just fall naturally.

Spring- More Rain, More Thunder, More Wind, More Bright Sunshiny Days, More Flowers Growing.

I also want each season to have some new unique Mobs... but that’s something that doesn’t seem to fit this topic.

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Ogrecakes    1,670

I dont think Klei has much desire to change the base game, but I would love to have this stuff in the game for subsequent years.


Also Sunset Skye is confused lol, as they explained to me they misuse the confused emote as a downvote button for people who are being mean, apparently its for "downvoting" people making innocent sugestions without any implication that these changes NEED to be added, or that the game and its fans are wrong if they disagree.


I think they might be in trouble if Klei ever adds any of your suggestions, they might even quit the game.

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Sunset Skye    6,763
3 hours ago, O_Atoba_Azul said:

I only have a small idea: Strong winds, would be similar to SW's wind, but another idea would be taht the winds would interfere sailing, masts could break, waves, unanchored boats would drift away.

Strong winds work kind of okay in the context of SW, but I really would not want them in DST. Strong winds would prevent you from using trees, flowers, dropped items, and hay/wood walls as decor, unless you treat wind like wildfires and evacuate your base during any time that strong wind can occur. It also feels unnecessary imo because we already have a way to punish players for carelessly leaving items lying about: lureplants.

As for interfering with sailing... Why? Sailing is already a pretty niche thing outside of going to/from the lunar islands, even with stuff like salt and shoals existing, so all this would do is discourage the people who do sail. You could argue that un-anchored boats drifting away would help combat boat bases, but I don't think the solution to a problem like that should also punish people who actually sail. Boat physics never unload (but the boats will only explode while onscreen), so even just having a boat in the same server as someone who built a boat bridge could cause your boat to get bumped into and broken whenever the winds start blowing... plus there's the lag potential of an entire boat bridge getting blown around.

2 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

People freeze to death in Snow Storms without Winter gear on.. so why shouldn’t they in the Constant?

People in the constant can handle a rhino impaling them multiple times per minute as long as they're wearing a football helmet and eating enough crepes/repeatedly bandaging the same area... People in real life are obviously going to be a lot more fragile than the player characters in a video game, that's just how video games work.

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x0-VERSUS-1y    4,077

Indeed imo some form of seasons evolution over time or via triggering a special event (think in terms of first time killing Ancient Fuelweaver, only related to another major Moon boss creature or-the-like) would be a very good addition to current DST; even if not actually bringing significant environmental hazards, yet inducing certain changes to world's weather would feel more dynamic, alive, interactive. My personal take: mentioned world-changing event would indeed bring about something akin a "Hard Mode", once more through certain 1st time major Lunar boss-battle - so that newbies and noobs won't be subjected to an even-higher difficulty bar. "Hard Mode" on-demand so-to-say, mitigating some advanced players' wishes too.


And yes, Ocean needs both more rewarding loot table to incentivize repeated trips over it, and greater dangers as balance - and those ridiculous boat-bridges need to go, even more so if they don't have at least 1 Anchor and 1 Lightning Rod: it's suppose to be an ocean, not some pool where you spam via Creative Mode N+1 "wooden cookies" just because convenience. Game isn't an "uncompromising survival" but neither should be "stale pond with various hues". Make players feel more immersed into all this "going in a perilous trip over seas and bring home some major treasure spoils".

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